Blue Bottle Games, LLC makes video games for players who enjoyed pen and paper role-playing and strategy games, and want to have those experiences on the computer.

Our games are detail-oriented, and focus on exploring worlds, deep systems, customizing characters and equipment, creative problem solving, and story.

Blue Bottle Games

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  • Soak Test, and Project Plannin...

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    Hey Folks! Unfortunately, today was pretty shot through with business admin tasks. Mostly in the form of project planning.

  • Character Trait Effects, and P...

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    Hey Folks! Finished up adding stat effects to the character traits today, then continued with some project planning.

  • Social Combat Sneak Peek

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    Hey Folks! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Apart from the spambotpocalypse Discord seemed to suffer, it was fairly low key for me.

  • Mouse Changes

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    Hey Folks! Sorry for the late news today. Had a school function to attend with the family.

    Most of the work today was administrivia anyway. But I did manage to rework the mouse controls to try an experiment with streamlining the user experience.

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